John Holden: Founding Partner

October 21st 2016 | Uncategorized

John Holden has a wealth of experience with geographic data. Holden has worked on a number of different projects in several different areas. Holden has worked with IUCN and the Clinton Foundation to help restore monocultural plantation land in central Vietnam. Holden has also worked in the political sphere, creating maps to improve field efficiency and turnout on political campaigns in Australia and the United States. Holden was also a member of a winning citizen redistricting team in 2011. Some of his other mapping projects include mapping invasive species and helping locate areas for new offices.

Holden also has extensive experience training others on GIS software, including teaching ArcGIS and QGIS to Ugandan scientists, and having several private clients. As an avid open source software advocate, Holden specializes in training others on open source GIS software, especially where use of open source software will allow cost savings to occur.

Holden is a member of the Oregon State Bar.