Clarity and Rigour is a boutique technology consulting firm with expertise in geography.  Both of us have long histories in solving problems that have both technological and geographic aspects. Our projects have had a wide range, include building a canvassing tabulation technology that makes use of Kindle Fires and GeoDjango web servers for routing, climate projects, redistricting and analysis of district boundaries and equal coverage analyses for public utilities. We’ve worked on projects for groups like The Clinton Global Initiative, The NAACP, Obama for America 2008 and 2012, various Democratic National Committee contractors and Apple Maps.

We are available for helping you with your technology infrastructure on information technology, application and web development, data engineering, engineering, etc., but our real interest is in geography and geographic information, which is where we excel.   We have solved some pretty fun problems along the way, such as computing custom turfs and regions from lists of addresses, how to use a cheap tablet and fitness tracker make a census work, turning open data reports into topological JSON and a more sophisticated measurement of walkability.

Almost every business or community problem has a spatial solution and it’s usually the most effective, if unexpected. Let’s talk soon and see what we can do for you!