Everyone in technology will say that they are “tools agnostic,” but this is both a conceit and inaccurate. Over time, we develop habits and preferences, and our unconscious biases shape the way we view and do things. At Clarity and Rigour, we have a preference for Python, Scala, PostgreSQL, Angular, D3, OpenLayers and Ubuntu. We also prefer to work with technologies from The Open Source Geospatial Foundation to the greatest extent possible.  Rather than feign agnosticism, we describe ourselves as “technology humble,” and are willing to subordinate our preferences to the needs of the project.   After all, our current preferences are the results of previous preferences failing and new options coming on the scene. If there is a strong business logic to one technology choice over another, we are willing to use it, albeit, with a learning curve.

Dheeraj and John are both members of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and are active participants in the spatial community.