The partners at Clarity and Rigour, Dheeraj Chand and John Holden, have over a decade of experience working with spatial data in progressive politics. We have worked on environmental and ecological problems for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, boundaries analysis for the AFL-CIO, building internal geocoding tools for Salsa Labs and demographics and chapter analyses for the NAACP. Dheeraj has worked on geospatial problems for Cisco and Apple, and John has answered geographic questions for the Australian Labor Party and on Obama for America campaigns, and also has extensive experience training people on mapping software.

Clarity and Rigour exists to allow us to find problems that we care about and focus on solving them. As a boutique agency, we don’t have a lot of support staff or overhead. This allows us to keep our costs down, keep our management requirements at a minimum and allows us to focus on what we’re good at doing rather than muddling through things outside of our expertise to make more money. In case the project has a large scope, we can leverage trusted partners to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Dheeraj is currently Head of Data and Analytics for Mautinoa Technologies, where he works on technology for humanitarian organizations to use in responding to crises all over the world. John is currently working on several different contracts, including one with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to improve forestry outcomes in central Vietnam.